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Jim is an experienced, trained mediator - he excels in conflict resolution 

Of course each situation is different, but we always strive for a "win/win" resolution that doesn't always require costly litigation.


Practice Areas

Family Law

The firm has handled complex and simple family law cases since its inception. Jim has always handled family law cases since he entered practice. We strive to meet the needs of the client. Domestic matters can be filled with anxiety and conflict and we pride ourselves on our attentiveness to our clients’ needs and concerns. Jim has taught as a paralegal instructor in family law and has litigated cases in every district in the state regarding domestic matters. We have handled divorces in which millions of dollars, businesses, property and custody of children were at issue and have also handled the simplest divorces.While some firms pride themselves on representing fathers or mothers rights, we believe that each parent has rights and that our job is to defend our client’s rights under the law, regardless of gender, social status, race or any other factors. If you have a question as to your rights, we encourage you to contact us and we will respond to it promptly.

Personal Injury

The firm represents injured parties in personal injury lawsuits, including slip and fall, automobile accidents, assault/battery and insurance bad faith practices. We have also successfully represented Defendants to suits for assault and battery.

Dependency and Neglect

We have extensive trial experience in defending Respondents and Special Respondents in actions in which the children have been removed from the home on allegations of dependency and/or neglect. We have knowledge and experience and know how to work with social services, the county attorney’s and the Guardian ad Litem to reunify the family as quickly as possible. We have also successfully defended termination hearings such that our client did not permanently lose his/her parental rights.


practice areas


Commercial Litigation

The firm handles complex commercial litigation and Jim has extensive jury trial experience in regard to such matters. The firm handles complex litigation concerning contract disputes, breach of contract, real estate sales and 1031 exchanges, fraud, civil theft, collections, and other matters. The firm has been corporate litigation counsel for several large corporations. We handle a diverse and varied portfolio of commercial legal problems and pride ourselves on quickly educating ourselves to the new challenges presented and researching the law so that our clients are in the best position to win at trial.

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Construction Litigation

We have extensive experience in construction litigation and the somewhat peculiar laws specific to construction. The firm generally represents construction companies, contractors, subcontractors and architects concerning law suits and also gives legal advice to such entities. The firm has litigated for payment, construction defects defense, prosecuting claims for sub contractors, mechanics liens, defending against claims, and defending in arbitration. The firm also has extensive experience in drafting construction contracts. We have also successfully represented homeowner’s concerning construction defect litigation.

Wills, Trusts, Estate Planning

We have a thriving practice in the preparation of wills and trusts for our clients. Whether simple or complex, let us do it right. Don't take a chance!